How ‘Marble Hornets’ Changed My Life

Several weeks ago, I made one of the poorest choices of my life and watched the entire Marble Hornets playlist in one sitting. Somehow I even managed to talk my best friend, Kyle Bullock, who is always a good sport, into watching it with me. 

I figured the whole playlist would be, at most, four hours long. But I was wrong, oh, so wrong. We started watching it at 10:30 on a Saturday night, and by the time it ended (ended is a loose term, because the story is NOT EVEN FINISHED YET, they’re still posting videos) over eight hours later, the sun had fully risen and birds were singing.


darn… well, I guess I’ll have to come back another time, then!

Which is a good thing. because this thing spooked me like crazy, which is saying something, because I am a horror flick fanatic, and have become unmoved by even the best special effects and most well-timed jumpscares. (ok, maybe the jumpscares move me- but that is an important evolutionary reaction, dammit!). Regardless, I was still pretty on-edge the following night, and to make matters worse, my mom was helping her boyfriend move and thus sleeping elsewhere, leaving me alone. In a creeky old house. with two dogs who bark at EVERYTHING that may or may not be a spooky 7-foot-tall faceless business suit wearing phantom monster thing!


seriously, who wouldn’t be scared sh**less?!

You’ll understand why I stayed awake the next three nights, bunkered down in my room with said dogs, trying to distract myself with netflix. 

Eventually I wound down (my mother’s return helped a lot), and can now say that Slenderman only kind of terrifies me, and I’m able to sleep without even my night light, which is buddha-shaped and therefore awesome. 


yeah… searching pictures for this post may have dug up some old demons for me, but now I’m only mildly terrified!

Unfortunately, my sleep cycle has been immensely altered. Formerly I would go to bed at eleven and sleep until eight or nine; Now I seem unable to fall asleep before three AM and rise before 11:30. Fortunately, I currently have no steady job, which has been enabling this horrendous habit.

This makes me feel like a slob, but one good thing has come of it: I have discovered that, due to a combination of being the only being up (the dogs both abandoned me because they find my constant late-night activity annoying) and only paid programming on the t.v., my concentration powers rise exponentially, making it an optimal time to write.

Seriously. I wrote this whole post plus spent two hours working on an essay, all without checking facebook. Ok. almost without checking. Which in this era of technologically induced ADD, I feel is pretty good. 

I’m still trying to get back to a more normal schedule because I think it’s more healthy. and it makes me feel like a lazy waste of space. But until that happens, I’m going to use the extra concentration ability as much as possible, when the only distraction around is myself. and maybe Slenderman. (gawd, I hope not.)



About Haley Dziuk

Haley Dziuk writes both fiction and narrative nonfiction. Her stories and essays have appeared in "The Hoot Review" and "Nail Polish Stories." She works as a librarian for the Phoenix Public Library. When she's not writing or patrolling the stacks, she likes to sing along to her guitar, and go on mini adventures with her boyfriend.
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